How Page speed & Load Time Impacts Conversions

With over 50% of all traffic on the internet coming from mobile devices, there’s no question that load time is important for people on the move. Time is valuable and modern life is fast, so your site should be too. Users care more about the load time than your fancy animations, ads or your 187 scripts loading in the background.


From a site owner’s perspective. You’re focused on generating revenue, adding functionality, tracking and improving conversions. I can understand that you need to keep the lights on and the bills paid.

Just imagine you’re sat on the subway, train or bus on your commute to work. Slow connection, websites taking ages to load, you’re not going to stick around too long you want that juicy information now.

Speed is now an important search ranking factor for Google. If you don’t optimize for speed and put users first you’re losing out on potential traffic, causing unnecessarily high bounce rates and throwing away precious conversions. That sweet Cost-Per-Acquisition you’ve been working on is going to go up and you’ll stall growth.

You can optimize the experience according to the user’s device. If you’re visiting from a desktop you’re more likely to have a much faster connection and can download higher-resolution files.